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Brinton J. Moore founded Sterling Range Financial Management, LLC ("Sterling Range") in 2012 and is responsible for all asset allocation and investment decisions. Prior to Sterling Range, Brinton served as Vice President of Institutional Sales at Evercore Asset Management in New York. In this role he was responsible for developing and maintaining investment advisory relationships with government pensions, endowments and foundations, institutional consultants, and other institutional investors. Prior to Evercore, he worked at AllianceBernstien dealing with some of the firm’s largest variable insurance trust and separate account clients. Brinton started his career in 2002 as an equity trader and received his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance, Summa Cum Laude, from Quinnipiac University.

Brinton J. Moore - Founder


We believe investors maximize their chance of success by maintaining long-term diversified asset allocations that accurately reflect their investment goals, time horizon, and tolerance for risk, while limiting the costs of investing.


First, we develop an appropriate asset allocation based on your unique needs and time horizon. We then construct a sub-asset allocation using techniques designed to maximize return for your chosen level of risk. Lastly we select broadly diversified, highly liquid, low-cost investments that provide the desired asset exposure. Your portfolio is then monitored and rebalanced to ensure the appropriate allocation is maintained over time.

Client portfolios are constructed to follow a Total Return approach, seeking both income and capital appreciation. Within equities we diversify globally across capitalization ranges and styles. Within bond allocations we diversify across sectors, the yield curve, and various credit qualities. Exchange Traded Funds serve as the primary investment vehicle but we maintain the flexibility to use all fund types as well as individual securities when appropriate. 

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Our holistic approach to investment management includes strategic planning, global asset allocation, discretionary portfolio management, tax-aware investing, behavioral coaching, and customization. 


Sterling Range takes great care in learning your entire financial picture. We develop an Investment Policy Statement outlining your goals, assets and liabilities, time horizon, risk tolerance, and any other special circumstances relevant to you. This document includes a clear investment strategy description with defined risk constraints so you know precisely how your assets will be managed.


Diversification increases your level of safety and helps provide a smoother investing experience over time. We maximize diversification by investing in numerous asset classes across the globe. The potential return, volatility, and diversifying effect of each asset class are analyzed to design an allocation with the highest expected return for your chosen level of risk.


Portfolio management is the process of evaluating, selecting, and monitoring investments in accordance to your financial plan. Our investment approach is long-term oriented, systematic, and transparent. We take great care in selecting investments that best fit your desired asset allocation. Broad diversification, liquidity, tax efficiency, and low cost are all essential prerequisites in our evaluation process.


Where assets are placed, the types of investments used, and the rebalancing techniques implemented in your portfolio can have a dramatic impact on your after-tax returns. Advanced tax loss harvesting techniques can also deliver a positive impact. We focus on all of these elements and work with your tax advisor so you experience the full benefits of tax awareness. 


Long-term investing requires a great deal of discipline. Sterling Range provides experience and a historical view of the markets to help you maintain a balanced perspective during the ups and downs of economic cycles. We work as your guide to help you avoid mistakes that derail investors year after year.


We have experience in dealing with numerous types of investment scenarios ranging from early stage retirement saving to complex scenarios such as managing accounts of various tax structures and investment objectives, building diversification around illiquid private assets, transitioning legacy assets over extended periods of time, and more.


Sterling Range delivers integrity, deep institutional knowledge, and an unbiased view of the investment landscape in a fully independent advisory firm.


We specialize in managing custom investment portfolios for high net worth individuals, non-profits, and corporations. We work with numerous account types including Brokerages, Trusts, Individual Retirement Accounts, Self-Employed and Small Business Plans, and Corporate Retirement Plans.


As a Registered Investment Advisor Sterling Range is held to a fiduciary standard of care. This means every investment decision must serve your best interest. In line with this standard, we receive no commissions of any kind and have no third party selling arrangements. Compensation is based solely on a percentage of assets managed to ensure our only motivation is to protect and grow your assets.

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